Supertyyli (eng. "Superstyle"), is an Open-Format/Club DJ based in Helsinki, Finland.
He started by listening to late-night mix shows on radio, watching DJ-competitions on video and trying to figure out how DJs made that "wikka-wikka"-sound. Supertyyli bought his own set of turntables, locked himself into his room, studying and practicing hours on end. And he got good, really good, at playing records. His skills have taken him across Finland, from clubs to bars, nightclubs to cruise ships, from festival afterparties to radio studios, even making it all the way to the national DJ-championship finals in 2013 & 2014, and receiving "Technical Skills"-award in 2014.

Nowadays Supertyyli can be seen playing weekly at nightclubs, mostly in Helsinki, but also in other cities across Finland, as well as playing in parties in Estonia. Although his first passion was Rap and House, Supertyyli effortlessly blends Urban sounds into Top 40-hits, slipping in a Dancehall-track, some UK Bass-flavours, and even a few classic gems you may have forgotten. Supertyyli balances top-notch technical skills with an entertaining selection, that will surely keep the dancefloor moving.


Some of the nightclubs & bars Supertyyli has Played & been a resident DJ at:

  • Skohan, Helsinki

  • Maxine, Helsinki

  • Club Capital, Helsinki

  • Kaivohuone, Helsinki

  • Saint, Helsinki

  • Privé, Tallinn

  • Club Hollywood, Tallinn

  • Nightclub Sugar, Pärnu

  • Aalto yökerho, Turku

  • The Monkey, Turku

  • Börs Nightclub, Turku

  • Apollo, Turku

  • Prima, Turku

  • Blanko, Turku

  • Klubi, Turku

  • Aussie Bar, Turku

  • Bar 4, Turku

  • Fat Lady, Tampere

  • Union, Tampere

  • Aussie Bar, Tampere

  • Tivoli, Tampere

  • Hullu Poro, Tampere

  • Escape, Jyväskylä

  • Bra2, Jyväskylä

  • Kerubi, Joensuu

  • Bepop, Joensuu

  • Kimmel, Joensuu

  • Ilona, Joensuu

  • Passion Club, Kuopio

  • Tähti, Kuopio

  • Puikkari, Kuopio

  • Bar Kino, Pori

  • Cabaret, Pori

  • Domino, Rauma

  • Tivoli, Lahti

  • Mango Discobar, Oulu

  • Tivoli, Oulu

  • Club 96, Kajaani


Festivals & afterparties:

  • Blockfest-afterparties, 2012-2018

  • Red Bull Crashed Ice-afterparty, 2019

  • Summer Up Festival, 2015

  • Summer Up Cruise, 2013-2015

  • Weekend Festival-afterparty, 2015

  • Ilosaarirock-afterparty / "Ammattilaisten Ilta", 2015

  • Abiristeilyt, 2012-2013

  • Turku Soundcheck, 2010

  • Flow Festival, 2009